The Picky Pair {Books on PARIS}

This week I have had the opportunity to head to one of my favorite places {the bookstores} I could spend hours and never leave empty handed, the "edit" is always the most difficult decision for me to make. These are my current selections. If a few of my Picky, Parisian Obsessed friends don't already have these books I am positive Amazon will be filling their order even before they have finished reading the lines below. HAPPY READING!!!

Opening lines from: Christiane de Nicholay-Mazery's Georgeous Book
{FRENCH INTERIORS the art of interiors}

" I have a passion for houses. I love the people who live in them and who devote themselves to them. I love the fact that all these people in their own ways have created works of art. I love the way they make their dreams come true, however challenging or ambitious they may be, devoting themselves to them with lavish attention, painstaking care and unstinting toil.
{She had me at her first line "I HAVE A PASSION FOR HOUSES!!!"}

{Two great books by a fellow blogger: Vicki Archer. Her blog is perfect - French Essence}