The Picky Pair: {Peaceful Shades of Blue}

The color BLUE, happens to be one favored by each of the {PP}. Incorporating an element of the sky into your space in a dramatic way or subtle way has a way of creating a familiar and restful feeling in a room. I believe there is color of blue for everyone, take your clue from the sky if you are unsure what hue is right for you, match the sky you find most restful. You might be surprised how your room changes with a little hint of an often underused color in your interiors.

{Sheer canopy, reminds me of the mosquito nets we used to sleep under when living in Africa}

{Amazing gown, beautiful model, stunning ironwork detail on the balcony}
{All my favorites combined, BOOKs, black, white & blue}
{Wallcovering: timeless in the blue hue, beautiful patina on the furniture pieces}