The Picky Pair {GRACE...}

I do not understand the mystery of GRACE...only that it meets us where we are but does not leave us where it found us. 
~ ann lamont

The Picky Pair {Joy in the Living}

"God cannot give us a happiness and peace apart from Himself, because it is not there. There is no such thing"
~C.S. Lewis

The Picky Pair ...

love is a place
& through this place of
love move
(with brightness of peace)
all places
yes is a world
& in this world of
yes live
(skillfully curled)
all worlds
 {Photo: Neil Stewart}

The Picky Pair {Adventure...}

She's tough, she's smart, she's more than capable. Whether she's on safari in Africa or trekking through the urban jungle, know this: don't stand in her way. Channeling Osa Johnson: she is the elegant explorer, the storied traveler, the adventurous spirit - she is our heroine, the one with a lion's heart and hare's pace. As her boots scuff and herrucksack wears, she powers on, passport tattered and camera clicking. She doesn't need expensive, she needs functional. After all, her currency is experience, tendering in memories as she strides confidently down her own dusty road. 
{thelovelist...I LOVE THIS!!!}LC