{All ready for Capitola 2010}

It's hard to believe that a week can go by so quickly. It seems like this year, we had something "happening" every night at the beach - from our annual karaoke trip at the Fog Bank {soo hilarious!}, a new "wine walk" from cabin to cabin in honor of our engaged cousins, and the family reunion and celebration of the lives of my Great Uncle Tommy and cousin Kerry who passed away this year. I had to share these great photos we had taken by a local photographer in Santa Cruz. She captured all those photos you always wished you had taken on vacation or while cousins visited that day - and now we have them! I won't explain who everyone is - our family tree has very extended branches and even for us, it's complicated. There's still something very special about the Blake Reunion - where no matter if you're blood related or not - somehow we still consider you part of our family.

{Blake, Me, Mom, Uncle John and Gram}

{Auntie Char and Family}
{my mom's cousins - all 5 sisters!}

{Darren, Leslie and Melanie - brother and sisters}

{Baby B, Adler and me sans Blake}

{hands in the sand: Gram, Mom, Me and the grandbabies}

{Doesn't the wharf background look fake!? It's not!}

{Auntie Shannon and her family}

{4th Generation}

{3rd Generation}

{my sweet niece Sierra - we will miss her soo much!!}

{2nd Generation}

{Auntie Shan and sweet Elsie}

{Sisters Beverly, Claudia, Mary Liz and Colleen}

{My mom's brother, John, our resident Chef and antogonizer. My kids LOVE him!}

{A and Z}

{cousins Mitch and Darren}

{My sweet Mama and Gram. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them so much!! Aren't they cute, too?}