{Picky Pick of the Week: The Terminal Brewhouse}

I've been waiting for Chattanooga to bring a casual restaurant where there's great American food, excellent beer, locally owned and has a great energetic vibe...and then, The Terminal Brewhouse arrived! {Located at East 14th and Market Street, right next to the Chattanooga Choo Choo}.

I was a little nervous about bringing my 3 little ones straight from the park, into a brew pub my husband had only grabbed a buffalo burger and beer with my dad a few weeks ago. But it was late Sunday afternoon - so my chances were pretty good at hitting a safe crowd. I soon discovered that The Terminal is entirely family friendly, especially the Green Roof terrace where we sat, with a mixed crown of young and hip to older couples dining out, to babies {and not just mine}. Although I had to stop one of my kids from "digging for wormies" halfway through dinner, I really enjoyed my Fru-Fru sandwich {would you expect anything less!} and sweet potato fries - and had the best "Weiss n' Shine" Hefeweizen I've ever had! The menu is varied and offers something for everyone, and the beer is handcrafted and delicious.

It's green, it's friendly, clean and an all around great place to go for the casual burger to a great night out with friends. The humor in their menu and website keep the energy up, and I really appreciate that they don't take themselves too seriously. This will be a local hangout we're sure to visit time and again. In face, we're headed back next week for my husband's birthday to celebrate with friends who can't wait to go back! They're rooted in the community {something this Picky Pair loves!}, use local resources, and have revitalized the historic Strong Building into something fresh and exciting. We hope you enjoy The Terminal, too!

{the pictures don't do the historic building justice, so you'll just have to visit to see it yourself}

A little note from their website:

The Terminal BrewHouse is a locally owned and operated business; as such we go to great lengths and expense to utilize local products and services whenever available. It is our goal to be a contributing member of our neighborhood and city for years to come. In order to achieve this goal, we have instituted many green practices and initiatives. That being said, the kitchen and brewhouse are the heart and soul of what we do and why we are here. Only the freshest foods and finest hops make it into the Terminal and our passion is that only world-class beer and exceptional food make it to your table. We sincerely thank you for coming and promise this is as serious as we will ever get.

Cheers, The Terminal Gang