{One Picky Pair is On The Road}

In honor of my mother this picky partner is on a road trip where I can revisit some of the places she and I have enjoyed together, what a better place to start than her hometown (Oakfield). It's not that my mother isn't still with us, she is just half way across the globe in Africa. She visits this site whenever they have an internet connection, and I am a romantic at heart hoping she and my dad will have the opportunity sometime this week {mothers day week} to see what the Picky Pair has to say. 

Its also a way for me to share this history with my Picky Pair partner who remains back home keeping the ball rolling on all the details of the business. I'm not alone in my adventure, one of my little ones {a cute & very picky 3yr old} is with me.We have also picked up my favorite sister in law {S} for the adventure. My oldest {cute & picky too} is on an adventure of his own this week, camping with his dad.

Since my dads hometown of Memphis is a short distance away and we plan to visit his old stomping ground as well. Everybody knows about Memphis, it's the place where great music, food and fun all come hand in hand. I hope you enjoy the pictures and this little taste of the south and of a few places that I have grown to love.