The Picky Pair {The Heart of the Matter}

It has been a few weeks since this {PP} drove her parents to the airport, for their latest trip back to my favorite place on earth {AFRICA}! They have traveled the globe, a fact, I assumed was "normal" {not really} growing up, but had taken for granted, {never again!!!} I hope that they are able to read this wherever they might currently be, I Miss You Bunches!!!

I came across these photos, they reminded me of the safari's we would go on later in our lives with my parents. When we were younger, it was more of a camping experience. Either way, I am filled with gratitude for such amazing live experiences. Every one should see Africa, at some point in their lives. It is Simply Magical!!! Magical!!!

Makanyane Safari Lodge, which lies hidden in lush riverside forests and was designed by a team of award-winning architects to effortlessly blend the lodge with its surroundings.

Makanyane consists of a main building and only eight suites, which lie hidden in a forest overlooking the Marico River. Rich with African textures and walls of natural rock and dried tree trunks that merge with rough teak doors and contrast with overhanging thatches, the glass walls allow uninterrupted views of the river and surrounding bush.