The Picky Pair {Starting the New Year} Bright & White

As the New Year begins, I always like to reorganize and prioritize the things in my life, one of the first places I like to start with would be the simplification of the home interiors. We "nest" in the winter because we cannot bear to be without the cover of everything around us. However, with change you will find the importance of cleaning up the clutter in the hidden places so you leave a place for the new things you find that are now open to you. I always love the challenge of reworking a space with the existing elements, it gives the items, once hidden a chance to shine, even if it will be for just a season.
{images from coco&kelley}
{Beautiful cool sky canvas with the warmth of the pumpkin create a balanced and inviting room. The rug is stunning in it's ethnic simplicity and refined weave and grounds the room. A perfect choice!!!}
{A room inside a room. The floor to ceiling windows bring the stunning outdoors inside and warms the room where the colors of nature are complimenting, not competing with the outside}

{My favorite chair in the room is the worn black wing chair! I think that without it and the fact that everything is mismatched, the room would be lost. Adding a beautiful soft Tabriz rug would be an addition too. See how beautifully the antique chair in the corner adds depth and is given a new life, here it can shine.}