Picky Pair: Trailer {Sex and the City Part 2}

Who would have thought that a desire this {PP} has been craving {getting away from it all} would be part of the plot in the new Sex and the City movie due out this summer. I might not end up in the exotic location they have selected {very Laurence of Arabia, also a great movie!!!} but I promise you before the summer is over this Picky Chick will be headed somewhere, hopefully with a crew of my best girlfriends in tow!!! Just today I connected with another friend after years away and like true friendship, time has stood still for us. We are not all blessed with girlfriends that can give us that feeling, and the ones that I can say are like that have known me from my youngest days, know the true essence of me, but still accept me - for me.

As I have become more mature I have sought out advice from the next generation and have found the quality to be the same in them. I have a great group of women around me and the blessing of a truly great friendships with other women is something I treasure. They will all read this and know this letter {not the movie update trailer, so much, although I am sure the set layout and fashion will be killer!!!} is a little thank you to them for all the encouraging words and support along the way. xoxoxo

{I sure hope the movie is good , because I know of a few friends who will be joining me for an evening out dressed to the nines where we critique simply Everything!!!! Remember, Picky travels in a pack!!! Just in case you are wondering, I would say, I am a Charlotte, most definitely!!!}