{The Picky Pair on The Whimsey Tree}

As I ran some last minute errands before our busy Halloween weekend, I was shocked to see that before anyone had uttered a "trick or treat," Santa had made himself at home at nearly every store I shopped! Ugh. The thought of what I call "pressure shopping" just didn't sit right with me {although I may have had way too many mini M&M's}, especially now that the countdown is on.

{The Picky Pair} has admittedly had multiple conversations about Holiday parties, who's not going home {me - don't get the tears started!}, who's visiting, and what Santa may bring down the chimney. As I perused Life in a Sippy Cup {a super-cute mom blog}, I was so excited to see something that sided with a touch of sophisticated homemade.

The Whimsy Tree is an Etsy shop that has a sweet little collection of wooden cards that help you and your little ones learn to identify twelve varieties of trees by their leaves. It's a great idea, and seems like the perfect idea as we head into autumn.
Jennifer, the brains behind the set, has married her love of educational products and nature to produce these beautiful beeswax-covered toys. I particularly like the drawstring bag included with each collection. It makes a lovely Holiday gift idea that won't make its way into the trash after only a week of use.

Those of you already in touch with your inner Johnny Appleseed might prefer the Buckthorn building sets. Jennifer creates the 21 piece set from salvaged European Buckthorn that is sanded, smoothed and covered in beeswax before being placed in a custom drawstring bag and shipped to you. You can visit her shoppe here.