{Picky Pick of the Week: Chattanooga's Whipped Cupcakes}

{my sweet Baby Bridger}

I am officially the mother of a one year old! We celebrated Baby B's birthday a little early last weekend with family and friends, but I couldn't let his actual birthday pass without some sort of celebration. So instead of baking anything sweet myself, I decided that it was time to sample the new little bakery in town.

I had passed by Whipped Cupcakes {located at downtown's Coolidge Park, off of Frazier Avenue} before, but was waiting for the perfect occasion to indulge in a sugary treat. Although it's in the lower half of Frazier's shops and boutiques, the new decor is fresh and clean with brightly colored walls and a ceiling sprinkled with crepe paper poufs to add a little sense of whimsy. There's nothing serious about Whipped, which made it perfect for dropping in with young children. My three year old was mesmerized by a special viewing window onto the sampling of Halloween-themed cupcakes of the day. Such a lovely thought for kids, especially since my hands were full with a one-year old who was ready to explore. All the cupcakes sell for $3, but purchasing a dozen will set the price down to $2.75. Although there was no signage screaming "organic," the girl who helped me said that they try to use as much organic ingredients as possible. And I was happy to hear that, especially since we try to include as many organic options in our food as we can.

Blake helped me choose 6 different samplings, {shown above - we had a little smush in the car - so excuse the amateur photography!} from probably 10 to 12 total options. We took two special vanilla on vanilla with a special Halloween cookie decorated in royal icing, the peanut butter, strawberry, chocolate mint, and the Oreo cookie. Although I chose them with specific family members in mind, we all took a taste of each and I was surprised to find what we all preferred. The chocolate mint came out on top as a favorite for our family, but the peanut butter and strawberry were a close second. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the cakes were deliciously moist, yet maintained a dense-spongelike quality that could withstand the large dollops of icing in top. I could tell that the icing was made with real butter - and there was sweet, homemade quality to them {without all the work!}

Gourmet cupcakes are making a rise in Chattanooga, and although I've visited only two places, Whipped Cupcakes are by far a more luscious and delicious option for the cupcake connoisseur:
my three kids! They are brutally honest, and particuarly picky when it comes to baked goodies, and Whipped Cupcakes surpassed their expectations. We will be back, and we hope your experience is as great as ours!