One Picky Pairs: Austrailian Adventure

If you haven't read the book The Moon Below, by Barbara Bickmore, I suggest you do so. A romantic novel set on the continent of Australia, the author researched the turn of the nineteenth century Captain John Mac Author and discovered an amazing story in the determination and abilities of his wife, Elizabeth. Though, there are some similarities to the Mac Arthurs, the book is not based on their lives. The location, the starting of the first large sheep farm, living in the Camden area and the lengthy time the two were apart are where the similarities stop.

Publishers Weekly: describes the main character as a courageous and likable heroine.
THE MOON BELOW: A land, A woman, and a dream
Surrounded by the purple mountains, silvery eucalyptus, and primitive aboriginal culture, Hallie fought to carve a future from the exotic wilds of New South Wales. A woman of rare spirit and bold desire..... she dared to want more.

I regret that the copy I have read is not my own but borrowed from another avid reader, CM. I have yet to lose a friend over a book,{PP private joke} and will be returning her copy next week along with a few others lent over the summer. We plan to have another book swap and as always I will keep you posted on what inspires me next.

Happy Reading