{The Picky Pair's Version of Spring Cleaning}

With spring just around the corner and summer close behind many of us have started to bemoan our less than glowing skin that has been ravaged once again by the crazy dry winter we experienced.  

Rather than fret another moment The Picky Pair will let you in on our local little secret, take the time to visit one of the great spas in the area.  Our first feature is, Silhouette Spa and treament center, because of the esthetician Brenda Roderick.   {PP} have never been die hard spa goers and as mothers we are realistic about what we can and can't accomplish in a very tight day.. Brenda is aware of our super busy schedules and makes every effort to make the most of our time, striving to find the perfect formula when we are able to indulge in a treatment. We have been incorporating the Solitone rejuvinating machine with facials under Brenda's careful hands and are amazed with the results.

There are other great Spas in the area and we will feature our favorites about each of them . Silhouette and Brenda come to mind first because she has just returned from a seminar and is crazy pumped with excitement to bring this fresh perspective to her clients.

So before you run to the drugstore counter and start to self treat,(a mistake most of us make with little or dissapointing results and lost $$) take the {PP} advice and make an appointment soon.  

{F.Y.I.  Visit the Riverview area this weekend for their annual open house Whoop Dee Doo!}