The Picky Pair {Thanksgiving}

Mini pumpkin candies are cute on their own, but when you add a little gold luster spray and some edible glitter, they become much more dramatic and adult.
Pumpkin pie is a staple dessert this time of year and mini versions are easy and fun for Fall parties. I kept things simple and bought some pre-made mini graham pie shells (like these), a can of pumpkin puree and then assembled according to package directions.

Since these are mini versions, I reduced the oven temp to 350 and didn’t bake as long as the can told me to (just use the toothpick test!). When they were ready, I topped each pie with a big dollop of whip and a golden pumpkin candy!

I really loved the way these came out! The graham crust tasted delicious with the pumpkin pie, I actually prefer it to the traditional flaky crust, and the little pumpkins added the perfect finishing touch

Happy Fall + Happy Gilding to all!

*first image via country living, all other images by apollina text: cocokelley