The Picky Pair {Spooky & Elegant Inspiration}

The designer and party planner in me is smitten with the elaborate details the hostess incorporated into every element of this elegant Halloween Holiday Dinner party. I know my {PP} would eat up the costumes alone. We joke that in such a "casual" society we relish the opportunity to "Dress" for any opportunity that comes our way. When you attend your next holiday party, pay special attention to the details your hostess has prepared for you and mention them to him/her, your kindness and appreciation will not go unnoticed.

{Costume parties have a way of bringing out the joy in all who attend. We tend to not take ourselves too seriously, when we are all "out of our comfort zone.}
{Inspiration for my {PP}, who creates beautiful and elaborate invitations of every kind!!!}
{This is the design in a "VIP home" I have attended many a party. Great minds think alike!!!}
{Love the beautiful way delicious elements are recreated in a "spooky" way. Blueberries on a sage broomstick......ghost brownies....... simply adorable!!!}