The Picky Pair {Vanessa, across a room}

Never before have I come across an image of a room and an image of a person that seem to tell the same story. One of simple grace and elegance. The beautiful lady in the photo: Vanessa Paradis {Johnny Depp's love}. The romantic story behind their chance encounter, he fell in love with her instantly when he saw her from across the room. The most romantic part, it was her beautiful back that captured his attention. Even before he saw her face, he remarked to his friends that he would marry that girl!!! If someone comes along and complements an unexpected aspect of your beauty, I say don't shy away from it. Find a way to enhance it!!!

{images: 1 - nikki parker’s paris apartment in the place des vosges, designed by jacques grange via trouvais & tear it out; 2 - editorial: paradis, vanessa paradis by eric guillemain for vs. spring/summer 2010 via femme style guide, linked here & originally discovered viaa life more fabulous}