The Picky Pair {Remembering Tradition}

I love the beauty of a simple get together. As a child I recall how placing "simple foods" of a beautiful platter or tray somehow seemed to elevate the occasion. This tradition still carries it's way into my everyday life and that of my {PP} too. The effort is the same, but your guests or everyday friends seem to appreciate the gesture, even though they often protest at your "Fuss". I say, FUSS!!! We have simplified too much of our lives and I refuse to let it creep into the everyday entertaining aspect of our lives.

Local in season fruits and vegetables, with fresh crusty breads can be a feast!!!
The beautiful, {above} milk glass is collected by my {PP} and I know when she serves fruit or whatever she wants, in her collection, it's her way of celebrating the time we are together.
presentation is everything!!!
Keep it simple and you will never feel overwhelmed when you are entertaining.
{images: photography by karen mordechai for sunday suppers; via snippet & ink}