The Picky Pair {Nautical Inspirations}

The call of the Ocean has reached a feverish pitch here at the {PP} camp. With friends and family making travel plans for their soon to be Spring Vacations we are once again inspired by all the destinations all over the globe we have yet to cross off our lists. I, for one have yet to visit the island of Greece {my adventure loving brother had an amazing time there} I hope that the dream of a few girl friends will one day come true. " ABA "has been talking of taking a trip there to visit an old school chum, and of course what could be more fun than a group of girls getting a tour by a true local!!! I hope that one day we will stop making excuses and just GO already!!!

{ABA, AEOK, CSS, LCE, and our newest and most promising addition LHM}
What do you all say???

{What a beautiful way to travel between the islands}
{LHM with her raven colored hair, would totally rock this look}
{{Absolute Must} Matching Lounge Chairs for the {PP}}