The Picky Pair: {Zen Living}

When looking for a change often times the best place to start is with a blank canvas. When a commitment to one particular color is difficult for you to make start with a non color and experiment little by little with different hues until you find one that feels restful and right. The process always breathes fresh life into you as well as your living space.

{A seemingly blank canvas, with one color injected in flows through the entire space}

{Minimal, but still a great statement of color with the wall storage}

{Artwork is a great place to take you clue of where to start when it comes to color}

{primitive artwork, makes a statement in this contemporary environment}

{create a gallery for your art/photography wherever you can}

Love this gorgeous loft from Elle Decor Spain — such a serene space, and definitely conducive to a quiet and meditative lifestyle.