Picky Pair: Update on an inspiring Woman in the World

On a previous post {6-10-09}, I was inspired by an article from Town and Country, featuring the Women for Women International organization and it's president Zainab Salbi.

The group has been making great progress in helping women all over the world. The Huffington Post {Sept 23, 2009} just featured a story written by Salbi.

On a recent trip back to Iraq, Salbi painted a very clear and vivid picture of what the world is really like for women today. The fear, the danger, the hope that still remains. Hope is one of the most powerful things we have, without it and the support of organizations like Women for Women International the world would be such a cold place.

Practicing The Power of Kindness {the title of one of my favorite books} is a great place to start making a difference in our lives as well as the life of someone else you might not yet have had the pleasure of meeting.

Kindness Pass It On