{Picky Pair's African Adventure}

{LHM & Baby B Out on a Limb & LOVING it at a Nigerian Restaurant}
{Lindsay and Baby B trying Nigerian food for the first time!}
Last weekend while this picky duo was on a behind scenes adventure of "problem solving" we found ourselves with our first literal break of the day at 7pm. We had at this point done all we could do and had to recharge before heading to the next shop {!staying open on a saturday night in Atlanta! just for us!!!} to check the status of a job.

I looked over at my picky tired, partner and announced that tonight I was going to help take her mind off the task at hand {out of our control} recharge with a gastronomic adventure {My Favorite kind of adventure Ever!!!}. Assisted with the awesome technology of an iphone I found the perfect place, nothing run of the mill, something exotic!
{Can't wait to EAT, yum!!!}

{Our hostess was most Impressed with Baby B. Saying "this baby likes good food with lots of pepper!" {that's a compliment} to B and his mother!}
{"Aunty L" feeding B some plantain}
The Calabar Kitchen, a Nigerian Restaurant!!!! The tastes of home {for this PP} but a completely new adventure for my Picky partner, along with our usual feature adorable {easy going} baby "B". I assured my friend that of course they would have something to feed her baby and to stop stressing, she was going to LOVE it!
{Eating pounded yam and meat stew with my fingers,Yum, the taste , the smell, just like I remember}

These pictures are {so} Rough but they tell the real story of our weekend adventure.
I know you dying to know what LHM and BB thought. They both LOVED the flavor and tried everything!!!
So, next time you are in a big city, and have time to kill I challenge you to go out of your comfort level and try something new, something ethnic, America is the melting pot of the world Try Something New at least once....... you never know you might really LOVE it too.