Picky Pair: Looking for A Little Bliss in Everyday

My picky partner came across this fun and amusing book. {LOVE IT!} We could all use a good laugh every now and then, this book is sure to meet with your approval. Love the tongue in cheek comments and the wishful moments we as moms all crave. Here's to you finding your fabulous Superhero moment this holiday season,{we could all use them every now and then}.

{For all our favorite moms around town and the globe {you know who you are!!!} WE thank you for sticking with us and encouraging us both along the way!}

It's funny. Most of the time (I'd say 99.99% of the time) I feel like a superhero. Seriously. How else can one explain the clean house, clean and happy child, fabulous handbag, heels and perfectly applied eyeliner and lip gloss. Superhero. Are you with me ladies?

But that other .01% of the time...who is that person? She needs a break. She can't get a moment to think about eyeliner much less find her lip gloss. She needs 30 minutes with a magazine. Or 10. Or one. She needs one meal where she can just feed herself in a civilized manner with no need to think of anyone or anything. She needs a day at the spa. Yes.. a day the spa.

In fact... she already has it planned out in detail. And let's be fair. It's not a "day at the spa" by any means. It's several spa treatments broken up over the course of a few days because what superhero mom could leave a one year old for the required time to have a "spa day" in one day? Besides, asking WonderDad to take off work early and entertain WonderBaby for four hours in the middle of a workday throws an entirely new level of complexity. So clearly we're looking at a several day operation here.

Day one would consist of the mani/pedi at some point late in the afternoon. After lunch. Before dinner. Just being gone long enough to do those treatments seems like an eternity. But a woman must maintain her reputation as the High Priestess of All Things Fabulous. And the regular mani/pedi is essential to continuing to hold the title.

Day two. The massage. Ahhh, yes. You see, no self-respecting woman can relax during a massage if the toe polish is chipped or (God forbid) one's soled hadn't been buffed to perfection before Sven or Svetlana places her tiny fists of fury into her overworked back muscles. Hence the previous day's mani/pedi. You see, this is very well thought out. The secret to getting a great massage is to ask for the masseuse with "unusually strong" hands who doesn't mind digging into those knots and beating them into submission.

And this is where the "spa day" plan causes a bit of a conundrum. Should one go home now and check to see if the little one is okay? If past experience is any indication, the answer is an emphatic yes. Should we save the facial (the exquisite facial. the oh-so-needed facial) for yet another day? Is 2-3 hours too long to be gone in one day? I think so. And so... the superhero books her facial for another day.

Day three of "spa day" beholds the Holy Grail of all spa treatments. (If you've ever found an amazing aesthetician, cling to her. Tip her generously. Refer your friends to her. Build her business and her reputation. She will never ever fail you.) In one dreamy, barely describable hour she will bring new life to your complexion, impossible tightness to your pores, plumpness to your cheeks and a glow to your aura. I'd even go so far as to say you'll have new optimism to your outlook after a truly good facial.

And after all of that buffing, polishing and kneading, the superhero will once again feel excited about donning her cape. She'll have new vigor, renewed energy and can probably handle just about anything life throws her way for weeks to come. Besides, one day, three days. Who cares how long it takes to complete those treatments as long as they get done, right?

What on earth could this possibly have to do with the book cover above? Honestly, not much. But when I saw there was a book named If You Give a Mom a Martini: 100 Ways to Find 10 Blissful Minutes for Yourself I felt certain that the author must surely be writing to her fellow superheroes about that .01% of the time. In a way, without even reading the book yet, I know I'll feel a sense of "finally, someone understands" when I flip the pages.

I have no idea if Lyss Stern's 100 ways to unwind are anything at all similar to mine..but judging by the cover illustration I'd say we could be twins. Peek inside my LV and you'll find my Chanel Glossimer buried beneath an adorable stuffed bunny, a sippy cup, a teething ring amongst other baby-oriented objects.

And rather than being embarrassed by their presence, I'm proud of the blended superhero I've become. High heels, fabulous bag, bouncy hair, chic stroller, stuffed animals and all. Equal parts fashionista and superhero...with just a tiny bit of "anyone else here need a martini?" mixed in for good measure. Yes, Lyss... I suspect we'd get along just fine.